Parenting Corner

One of the most beautiful and most satisfying role is that of a PARENT. However, it is the most challenging as well. Parenting is the only task which you actually learn on the job. As each child is unique, no amount of training, reading or advice can prepare you to bring up a child flawlessly. It is interesting to know and understand different parenting styles. We may have any one dominating style but we use all of them at different times and in different situations. The quick Quiz on the link below will help you know your style: Happy Quizzing!!!


Management and staff is compulsorily made aware about the provisions of POCSO Act.
Regular conduct of in - house induction session on gender sensitization.
Self defense training to students during academic year and summer camps.
Conduct of police verification and psychometric evaluation of all staff and non - teaching staff like bus drivers, conductors, peon, etc.
Conduct of security / safety audit of school premises by authorities and follow security related advice including installation of CCTV cameras.
We have very defined parent - teacher - students committee to address the safety need of the students.
Display of toll free number and child helpline on notice board with names of teachers designated.
Controlled Access to school building by outsiders, also monitoring each visitor.


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