The best online learning platforms providing schools

The Edge

Shri Ram Global School Greater Noida West is the

best online learning platforms providing schools

in the vicinity. The ever emphasis is on smart learning. The teachers are well trained to lead smart classes. The school’s infrastructure is ranked very high amongst the

Schools having smart classes


Shri Ram Culture

At SRGS we believe in respecting the divinity in each individual. The child experiences it in the environment and imbibes it for life. Shri Ram students stand out in a crowd as obvious from the highly placed ALUMNI of Shri Ram Schools and Colleges (SRCC and LSR).

Best online learning platforms providing schools
Schools having smart classes

Diverse Fun Activities

School is bustling with activities every day, for different age groups. Students have something to look forward to, each day. The variety helps each one pursue his/her individual interest.
During these challenging times, the school has tuned to smart online classes to ensure best online learning. The school emphasizes on contemporary platforms and latest technologies for providing online education. SRGS is one of the best online learning platforms providing schools in Greater Noida.

Trained Teachers

Shri Ram Schools rigorously train their teachers to deliver the curriculum by means of the desired pedagogy. The implementation of the training is observed, monitored and appraised on a daily basis. SRGS has smart classed to provide online learning platform to the students. The teachers are regularly trained on handling online platforms.

We emphasize on smart learning. The teachers in SRGS are well trained to lead online classes. The school has tied up with various third-party applications/ software to enable online learning.

Online learning platforms providing schools
Amongst the best schools having smart classes

Small Class Size and Online Education

The Class Size is restricted to 20 per class. This allows individual attention to each unique bundle of joy i.e. our student.

During these unprecedented times, we have turned to online classes. SRGS was one of the first schools in India to have invested in online education. Today, we have the most robust mechanism to lead and monitor digital classes.