Top Five Schools in Greater Noida

The Best School in Noida – Shri Ram Global School

Schools are the principal place of learning and early socialization of the child. A school is a major part of the individual’s formative years, but a good school plays a predominant and indispensable role in shaping the individual as well. A list of schools in Greater Noida will no doubt include numerous such great schools. However, Shri Ram Global School, with its commitment to aiding and nurturing the child’s growth in a positive and creative learning environment, is without a doubt one of the top five schools in Greater Noida.

With education levels that surpass most others in terms of quality, it is no surprise that the Shri Ram Global School consistently makes it to the top of any list of top schools in Noida. Any good school aims to hone a child’s skills and target development intellectually, creatively and physically. Shri Ram Global School goes above and beyond in its dedication to the holistic development of the child with not only a top-notch and sophisticated library, science lab, math lab, and sports facilities, but also a ‘Right Brain Development Centre’ to ensure proper development of a child’s potential talent, an advanced STEM Lab to help them keep up with today’s science and technology, digital classrooms and a ‘discovery room’ that targets multi-sensory learning.

Shri Ram Global School takes its position as one of the top five schools in Noida extension seriously. With its small class sizes and trained dedicated faculty, it focuses on enabling individual students to explore, identify and express their unique selves. It aims to not only create good students, but excellent individuals who will grow into adjusted and successful members of society. Shri Ram Global School epitomizes an ideal educational system that goes beyond rote memorization and learning restricted to classrooms and delivers high-quality education in an environment that best supports each and every child’s holistic development.

Top 5 Schools in Greater Noida